Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

International Energy Resources FZCO. (IER) propose to furnish the CUSTOMER the Products (Products & Services) subject to the following terms and conditions.

QUOTATIONS: All quotations from IER shall be in writing  and expire automatically thirty (30) days from date issued unless otherwise specified.  All quotations for Parts are subject to prior sale.  IER reserves the right to correct all clerical errors that may be present in its quotation.

TAXES:  IER’s prices do not include any import sales, use, excise, or other taxes if applicable into the country of importation.  Therefore, any applicable tax due to the sale of Products will be paid by the Customer. 

TITLE: IER hereby retains a security interest in the Parts until the purchase price is fully paid.  If customer does not make payments when due, IER may take exclusive possession of the Parts wherever found and remove same without legal process, all at customer’s expense.  In the event of default by customer, IER agrees that any payments which may have been made to us will be retained by us as liquidated damages without reducing our right to receive  further damages IER may suffer from any causes arising out of the default.

PAYMENTS: IER’s standard payment terms are stated in our quotation.  Monthly progress billings may be made for partial work completion.  Final billing will be on work completion. If Customer does not pay as agreed, IER may take legal action to collect not only what is owed, but also finance charges of 2% per month until paid plus legal fees, and any other costs IER incurs in collecting the money.

DELIVERY:   Unless otherwise specified in IER’s quotation all shipments are F.CA. IER’s Warehouse. Delivery to Customer’s transporting carrier will constitute delivery and transfer of title to customer, subject to the TITLE provisions.  IER will not be liable for delays in delivery dates, due to (1) causes beyond its reasonable control, (2) Acts of: God, the Customer, or civil or military authority, (3) fires strikes, floods, weather, epidemics, riots, war, or transportation, (4) its inability to obtain proper materials, parts or operating facilities.

CANCELLATION: The Customer may return Parts to IER if they fail incoming inspection within 10 working days from shipment. Customer may not return the Parts to IER after 30 days of shipment without just cause. Returned Parts (transportation charges prepaid) will not be accepted without prior approval by an authorized representative of IER in writing.

TERMINATION: If Customer terminates Purchase Order in whole or part, Customer shall make payment to IER for all reasonable and unavoidable disbursements and expenses, which IER incurred or become obligated for prior to date of notice of termination.

CUSTOMER’S PARTS:  All parts supplied by Customer will be inspected and shipped as requested.  IER is not liable for any damage or destruction of these parts caused by others.

REPORTS: All Products data (reports, drawings, data, software, calculations, etc.) generated whether copyrightable or not will remain as the property of IER and are furnished for the sole use of the Customer.  No Products data can be duplicated, loaned or given to any third party without the expressed prior written consent or authorization of IER.

WARRANTY: IER warrants to Customer that Parts will be delivered free from defects.  If Products or Parts delivered do not meet the quoted description, Customer must promptly notify IER in writing.  IER will correct any defects or replace the Parts.  IER has no obligation to repair or replace Parts after the expiration of a twelve (12) month period or 8,000hrs whichever is the earlier after date of first delivery.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: IER shall not be liable for prospective profits nor special, indirect or consequential damages, nor shall recovery of any kind against IER be greater in amount than the purchase price for the Product part or service sold.

SUBCONTRACTING: IER reserves the right to sub-contract any portion of the work outlined in a quotation as necessary.

APPLICABLE LAW: The agreement formed hereby shall be governed by and construed an enforced in accordance with the laws of the England UK without regard to conflicts of law principles that would case the law of any other jurisdiction to be applied. Any action by Customer against IER must be commenced within three months after the cause of action accrues, or it shall be barred.